The Launch of DJ Steve’s TOP 10 Songs That Rock

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With great pleasure and with much excitement tonight I’m here to announce the launch of my very own Top 10 Songs That ROCK.  This will be a weekly list which I will be playing during my show between 6 – 8 PM EST right here at Slammin Tunes every Wednesday evening.  This isn’t no Billboard copy cat list, it’s something very unique as I will be giving the bands that I feel that truly deserve to have the light shine on them.  If you feel like a band deserves to be on this list, let me know, shoot me an email at  You will definitely be hearing new music from the best new artists around the globe.  My ultimate goal is to bring rock back to the forefront, where it belongs.  To much now a days there are these pop artists that don’t write their own music and are auto-tuned to the 10th degree.  Enough is enough and its time to Make America Rock Again.  We were built on Rock & Roll.  Now without further adieu, the very first Top 10 Songs That Rock.

10. Young Guns – Bullet Proof

9. Through Fire- Stronger

8. Breaking Benjamin – Ashes of Eden

7. I See Stars – Break


5. Sick Puppies – Stick To Your Guns

4. Twenty One Pilots – Heathens

3. Disturbed – The Sound of Silence

2. Against The Current – Wasteland

1. Bring Me The Horizon – Happy Song

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