Lesson Learned

So does this make me a fool.  This Sunday performs Marilyn Manson in my hometown. And I said no to tickets. Im not a big Manson fan. So for me that was the main  reason not to go. If I had paid more attention then i could have seen the opening act. NEW YEARS DAY.

I could have finally see them.And maybe got a picture with them or a shout out. Now all I have is a big ?in my head. Shouting to myself WHY…

If your a listener of the tripleM show than you know how much I like their music.And how I hate the fact that not a lot of my bands perform in The Netherlands

So guess what im gonna do upcoming Sunday..Two choices…avoid the centre of my city.
Find me a nice spot to hide and try to remember next time.. Check the venue and website.

Or go to town and hope to catch a glimp of them.?

In the meanwhile enjoy the last single of NYD

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