Now get back to either

  1. Fighting with family over politics
  2. Unwrapping gifts
  3. Listen to some more racists jokes from your drunk uncle
  4. Go back to watching A Christmas Story for the fourth time today
  5. Start to Google random facts about that movie
  6. Find out that the guy who played Ralphie directed the movie Couples Retreat
  7. Start to wonder did he want to direct that movie because of the his parents from A Christmas Story
  8. Start watching it with other family members and watch as they begin to fight with their significant others because they do the exact things the couples are doing in Couples Retreat
  9. Watch the fight that breaks out between your cousin and his whore wife
  10. Now they are planning on getting divorced
  11. All the while the fucking dog is eating the damn Turkey.  Come On Grandma get it together, you should be watching the food instead of going on Facebook live and filming the argument between her grand kids
  12. Wait Grandma is streaming on Facebook live, I didn’t even know she had a Facebook account
  13. Find out she has had it for years and never friend requested you.
  14. Call your Grandmother a Bitch
  15. Grandma calls you an abortion gone wrong.
  16. Gasps happen through out the house.
  17. Everyone laughs and goes back to watching the movie
  18. Grandma chases the dog away from the Turkey
  19. Grandpa gets the Chinese take out menu
  20. Everything comes full circle as you realize you just actually acted out the movie A Christmas Story with your family on Christmas.

Merry Christmas!


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