Monday Motivation – Leap of Faith

So this past weekend I had something that happened to me that really struck me to the core.  I woke up early Sunday morning to get ready to go to the gym and found that I had a bunch of Snap Chats from some friends.  Yea I am one of those losers who has that, but I’m the guy who will post things like me at the gym or dumb stuff my cat does, but that’s besides the point.  What I saw really made me think that the people I know, don’t know what the fuck they are doing with their lives.  I would say 90{43bbf0c0dfd186f2e4a1535ec8ec993b0839b913588ccf773f39f505c31eaa0e} was people drunk, partying or yes even doing drugs.  I thought to myself these people always complain that they are not happy with their lives and have no money to do anything yet need to party every weekend.  That is not what I want from life that is why I spend my weekends at home in my own apartment working on my radio or blog, while those losers still live at home.  I’m chasing after my dream and that means taking chances.  I put myself out there knowing I may not make it.  I have to sacrifice my personal time to make sure I don’t work for the man the rest of my life.  So many people in my life don’t take those risks, they expect to be handed the world on silver platter.  The mind set of people today is absolutely insane, yea this may be a rant but I know some of you out there might be going through the same things.  What you need to do is not give up on whatever your goal or dream is.  Whether is something small like losing a few pounds or something major like a career change.  You gotta take those leaps of faith in order to see how great your life is going to be.  Don’t be afraid, have no fear, you are not alone.  The ones who stand alone are the ones who leave a legacy.

This weeks motivational video comes from Mind Innovation

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