Monday Motivation – Self Discipline

When it comes to discipline, it will either make or break you.  When you go after something in life, your self discipline is your strongest alley if you let it be.  In those moments where you think you can’t continue on is when you need to push through what is pushing you back.  You fall down, you need to pick yourself up.  You might feel that it aunt worth or that you see someone who you think doesn’t deserve it.  How the fuck do you know what that person went through.  Do you know their struggles and hell it shouldn’t matter what they went through.  You need to focus on you and you need to get where you need to be.  Fuck everyone else.  I say this all the time and it is so true that sometimes you need to stand alone to discover how truly strong you are and how great you are supposed to be.  Don’t become a sheep be the wolf.

This weeks video is brought to us by RSD Motivation.

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