Monday Motivation – The Mind

What is the most powerful fuel in the world?  Some would say nuclear, others may say fusion.  For me its the mind.  The mind is truly something amazing.  Some of the most influential people to have ever walked this earth, we call them the greatest minds.  Einstein, Tesla and Da Vinci just to name a few.  The mind can unlock some of the greatest mysteries the world has had to offer.  A saying I tell myself a lot is “mind over matter”.  When you actually put that to work everything really comes together and you can see your full potential.  I use it at the gym all the time.  You might be intimidated by something, be fearful of the outcome if you fail.  But your mind is telling you to fight through it, it doesn’t matter what is pushing you back but by how hard you fight back.  The mind will always be there when all else have left you, when your strength has given up, close your eyes and see yourself accomplishing your goal.  Whatever the mind has to offer make sure it doesn’t go to waste.  Don’t give up and don’t give in.

This weeks video is from my favorite motivational artist out there, Mateusz M.  His latest video The Mind is truly inspiring.

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