Monday Motivation – Be the Wolf

When it comes to your dreams or where you want to be in life, are you chasing them.  You need to really look at where you are in your life and find out is this where you want to be.  Is this what you want to be remembered for?  Is this going to be your legacy?  I bet most would say that they would be, that they are happy.  But I can guarantee that they aren’t.  Most people just go along with the crowd, to afraid to stand out.  We call those people sheep.  They follow whatever everyone else does.  They are to afraid to admit that they haven’t achieved anything truly worth while.  What have you done with your life that is worth noting, go ahead write down, bet you can’t get past a few lines.  Now what are you going to do?  Are you hungry for more?  You feel that itch to do more, discover more with your life.  Use that hunger to feed the beast that is inside.  Be that lone wolf who stands out from the rest, writing your story for the ages.  Be the legend you were born to be, not a number in the masses.

This weeks video is brought to us by the YouTube channel A World Within.

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