Monday Motivation @2Cellos

This week were gonna do things differently.  I want to tell you a short story of 2 men from Europe who had a love for the cello and were able to create something the world has never seen.  The music industry is cut throat and very difficult to succeed in.  When it comes to making money, many passionate musicians have to have multiple jobs to go after their dreams.  Let’s face it many musicians don’t make a lot of money and when it comes to classical musicians its even more difficult.   When the 2 young men of 2Cellos embarked on their journey they probably could never have dreamed of becoming the legendary musicians they have become.  They have been able to combine pop music with a classic feel.  They have worked with Elton John, have remastered the legendary works of AC/DC and turned the music industry upside down.  That didn’t come easy.  They had to sacrifice so much in order to accomplish something they loved.  They had to think outside the box, create something that hasn’t been done before and break down the barriers of what was considered the norm for classical musicians.  They have broken down the door for other musicians like themselves to be creative and to be who they were meant to be and that is legendary.  The passion and love that 2Cellos puts into their music can flow into you and push you to chase your dream.  Enjoy this remake of the hit song from Interstellar, Mombasa performed by 2Cellos.

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