Monday Motivation

I believe a lot of us in life have been in a situation where we may have been either hurt by someone emotionally or felt as if we are the victim.  Looking back at those situations, at least for me I realized those were opportunities for me to not be a victim but to a way for me to rise up and become a better person.   When you play the victim, you might feel like your getting attention and that people are showing they care for you.  But do they really?  Are they just clicking the like button on your status of how your having a bad day because they feel bad for you or are they just acknowledging yea OK we all have bad days you’ll get over it.  What you have to realize is that no one really cares about your issues or how you are feeling.  So explaining to others via social media or another medium isn’t going to get your “bad feelings” to go away.  What will help you get over them is realizing that when your playing the victim nothing gets accomplished.  Instead of playing the victim, see what is causing you to be weak and fight back.  Fuel the fire that lies within you and blaze a trail of glory.  Why are you going to hold yourself down?  Why are you stopping yourself from you being happy?  So, are you gonna stop being a little bitch and get back up on your feet.

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