Monday Motivation

There is a fire that burns in all of us.  It might be just a flicker of a flame or an all out inferno.  Whatever level it is we all have it.  The key to keeping the fire alive, to keeping your dream alive is how much fuel, how much work you put into.  Day in and day out, you encounter opportunities to show that fire inside of you.  But most people don’t.  Most people are to scared to take the step to show how brightly they can burn.  To show the world how large of a trailblazer they are.  If you are not fueling your fire inside of you then you are not living your dream.  Your not failing your loved ones, or failing your friends.  You are failing yourself.  Their is a four letter word that frightens people, that brings people to their knees.  That four letter word is WORK.  Work is something not many of us put our whole heart into.  The only thing stopping you from achieving your goal is the amount of work you put into it.  You want something you gotta give up everything for it.  You have to sacrifice it all to get where you want to be.  When was the last time you had a life changing moment that you were truly proud of?  It doesn’t just happen.  You gotta work for it, you gotta fuel that fire in you.  You are the dreamer, so instead of thinking about the dream why not live it.  Why not have a fire that burns for eternity.  Be legend you were meant to be.

This weeks video if from one of my favorites, Basquiat Picasso.  Make sure to subscribe to their YouTube page.

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