Monday Motivation – Time Wasted

Holy shit this video is so true.  Time…the killer of all dreams.  When I ask people what their dreams are or how they are achieving them, I normally get a response of “O I don’t have enough time” and the response is complete bull shit.  Instead of spending your time posting some funny cat meme to your Instagram or some song lyric that speaks to you to your Facebook, how about you use that energy towards bettering yourself or by putting a little effort to your goals in life.  When I decided to start going to the gym I didn’t realize how much I would have to sacrifice, many weekends I wouldn’t go out because I was too tired from it.  Hell some friends even told me that the were going to stop asking me if I was free to go cause I always said I was too tired.  Well guess what, those weekends spent home paid off.  I reached a goal and set a new for the gym.  I’m in the best shape of my life.  Those other people, their posting how tired they are from drinking to much the night before.  For me, I was able to get in great shape, as well as film a movie and continue to work for Slammin Tunes.  I’m going after my goals cause I know that life is short and there is no guarantee of tomorrow.  Now the fact the you read this far means something.  Now take the next 3 minutes to watch the latest video from RSD Motivation, I promise you it will open your eyes.

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