Monday Motivation

We are working on our second full week of the new year, now how far have you come with your resolutions?  About half of you already have already given up.  Now why is that, is it because you have too much going on right now, is it cause your tired.  Whats wrong?  Is it because your discouraged?  All the questions have the same answer and the answer is yourself.  You are whats wrong.  Now I know some of you might think that I’m being hard on you, or being an ass.  Well you know what yea I am.  I’m going to tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.  Now what you need to hear is this.  What you need to do is to take responsibility for your actions or lack there of.  Its not to late to go after that resolution.  Do something that very few do, and that is take responsibility and step up for what is yours  I know deep down inside your heart you have the is being inside of you that is crazing greatness but your mind is telling you to ignore it.  I say when its the heart vs the mind, always choose the heart.  Now , that the beast inside of you out.

This weeks video is brought to us by the YouTube channel Be Inspired.

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