Monday Motivation @Disturbed

Lets change things up this week.  I’ve been a huge fan of the band Disturbed for over a decade now and I have had the honor of seeing them perform at Ozzfest.  They are truly one of the greatest rock/metal bands of all times.  Their music speaks volumes and has had a positive impact on my life.  Their songs tell beautiful stories that all have deep meaning.  I wanted to highlight one of their most recent songs off their new album Immortalized.  The Light has to be one of the most epic music videos I have seen in years.  I want you to take the next 4 minutes and watch this video, listen to the story that is being told.  Remember that no matter how much darkness you are in, the darkness will turn to light.  You just need to fight on.  Live a life of no fear.  Fear doesn’t exist, its not something you can hold.  Remember mind over matter.

DJ Steve

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