Monday Motivation – Dreams

After spending a week in the place where dreams come true I felt this video is absolutely perfect.  Disney World is a place I have loved as a child and now as an adult I truly appreciate it.  When Walt Disney had the idea of Disney Land or Disney World, there were many who thought he was crazy, but he kept going.  Even though he has been gone for many years, his dream is still alive.    Don’t get ever give up your dreams no matter how many times you fall, pick yourself up and push yourself forward.  If you want to see where dreams go to die, walk through a cemetery.  See all the dreams that could have been, just laying there, nothing will ever happen to them.  Make your dream become a reality.  Work on it everyday, even if its just thinking about it.  Don’t let the words of others stop you from becoming the legend you were born to be.


This weeks video is from Be Inspired.

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