Monday Motivation – Execute

How many of you have ideas just floating around your head.  An idea that you think could have a great impact on your life or on others.  How long has that idea been just sitting there?  Probably awhile, maybe even years.  Now what’s stopping you from executing that idea? Before you let your head ponder an excuse, STOP.  I want you to grab a piece of paper and write that idea down.  Now stare at it.  Was that hard?  No, it wasn’t.  The hardest part of chasing one’s dreams is the start, the beginning stages, the ignition.  Once the spark starts all you need to do is to keep fueling that fire.  Keep funneling as much of your energy into it.  Look at someone is successful.  Maybe your favorite athlete or a writer you admire.  Look at their life.  Find out how much of their life has been dedicated to getting to their position.  I can guarantee they have spent years focusing time and energy on perfect their craft.  Now look back at the piece of paper that you wrote your goal on.  You see all that empty space, I want you to set yourself a goal.  I want you to fill that paper with the steps you need to take in order to achieve that goal.  It doesn’t need to be done right away, maybe a few days it will take you.  But after all that once that paper is filled up, you will really see how much closer you are achieve your goal.  Don’t just dream about your goal, execute it and live it.

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