Monday Motivation – Intention

Intention,what does it mean to you?  Sometimes ones intention is not always what it seems to be.  It may be good or maybe bad.  When it comes to yourself, what intentions do you have with your life.  With where you see yourself in the future.  So many great intentions go unfulfilled, wasted away.  Now why is that.  Well most people are scared.  Scared to see the outcome of their intentions.  It might be because they may have to go at it alone and are afraid of what others may think.  Well screw that, if you intend to something great DO IT.  Fuck fear.  Don’t let that fear of failure control you.  Show life that you are in control and nothing will stop you from being great.  Go after that dream and don’t lose faith in yourself.

This weeks video is brought to us by Basquiat Picasso.

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