Monday Motivation – March Forth

After taking a much needed vacation I’m BACK.  This weeks video really hits home for me.  Many of my friends and former co-workers are actually going through something similar in this video, where they are losing their jobs because of the closing of A&P.  Some have taken the situation head on while others are just waiting hoping something happens to them.  Well sadly those who sit by will only attract negativity.  Those who have taken the bull by the horns may have a battle in front of them, but they are going to come out on top.  They realized that they need to sacrifice as much of their time for a better future.  I realized that I needed to go out and fight for everything that I could fight for and was lucky enough to get a job offer from an amazing company that I fit perfectly in, but it didn’t come easy.  I had my nights where my anxiety was through the roof, but I kept calm and fought on.  And that’s what you need to do in life whether it be in your job, your relationship or your goal.  Fight with everything you got and don’t give up.  Check out the latest video from Basquait Picasso with March Forth.

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