Monday Motivation – Only The Best

When you look at your life right now, how did you end up there.  There are some people out there that will blame others for a situation they are in.  Those are the people who don’t see the real picture.  Every decision you make has gotten you to where you are at, no one else, only you.  Your future is not written yet, tomorrow has not happened.  You have to look deep inside and see your true potential of what you are capable of.  It might be hard at first but realizing that “Hey I can do this” is just the start of an amazing journey.  Two words that can change your outlook on anything is I CAN.  Go out and challenge yourself to do something you thought you would never do.  Ask out the girl you’ve been crushing on, go back to school and get that degree.  Your past will not define, the future of your legacy will.  Now go out and show the world what you got.

This weeks video is brought to us by Your World Within.

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