Monday Motivation – The Past

Many of you out there are being held back from achieving your goals.  A lot of you know why but are too scared to admit it.  Too many of you are fearing your past.  Your fearing that all the pain you had suffered through may return, that your going to get hurt again or feel like a failure and you don’t want that.  So what do you do.  You go about your normal boring life, keeping everything simple, not trying to make anyone upset or angry at you even if they are offending you.  Your too scared of the “what if’s”.  What if I get hurt?  What if I don’t make it?  What if I disappoint myself?  You will only be disappointed when you are old and looking back at your life asking what if I went after my dream?  Many of us including myself have been put through difficult situations in life, but right now, right this second while you are reading this…you’ve made it through.  You made it this far.  What ever happened to you in your past is over.  It’s done, it can’t be rewritten.  But you know what can be written?  The stories that will be told of your triumphs.  Your legacy that will be told from generation to generation.  Now, believe in me, and more believe in yourself that whatever happened in your past is done, its over, it can’t hurt you anymore.  Letting go is the hardest thing to do, unless your that BITCH Rose from Titanic who needs the whole board for herself.  There was totally enough room on that floating board for both of them.   What a selfish bitch.  Sorry off topic there.  Now what are you gonna do with your life.  Your gonna keep living a life of wonder and have day dreams of what a future you wish you could have, instead of trying to chase it and live it.  When an opportunity arises, take it.  You don’t want to ask yourself later What If I took that chance.  Don’t life a life of what if’s.

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