Monday Motivation – Procrastination

Holy shit, procrastination is one of the biggest killers of dreams.  I have seen so many people who use excuses to push off their goals.  From the smallest things like “O I gotta check something online real quick”….two hours later they will be watching some stupid video their friend has posted on snapchat.  In those two hours they could have been used to be two hours closer to their dream.  Instead there watching a “friend” do something wasteful with their lives  Hell, this past weekend I was at the gym and I see these high school age kids gathered around one of their friends showing them a snapchat video of another friend doing coke…like wow.  And these kids just stood their laughing like it was ok.  Seriously you have friends that do that stupid shit, CUT THEM OUT.  Stop the little things in life from going after your dream.  Don’t let anything hold you back from going after your goal.  Don’t be the sheep in the heard, be the wolf on the hunt.

This weeks video is brought to you by RSD Motivation – Kill Procrastination

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