Monday Motivation – The Pursuit

After taking a week off I did a lot of searching for the perfect video for this week and I believe I found it.  Ya know, so many people feel like that there dreams will just come true overnight and well those dreams are just wasted.  Everything takes time.  Perfection is giving, it’s earned.  You need to put in the time and effort to be where you want to be.  Success is not easy.  The saying that “you get what you put in” is absolutely true.  I have seen so many people just enjoy the ride of easy street.  Taking the easy way out of life and that’s not what should define you.  What will define your destiny is your pursuit.  The journey that you took to make the difference in the world.  You want to leave a mark on something, then put everything you got into.  The sleepless nights, the anxiety of not knowing the future, they are all just part of the path along the journey to where you were meant to be, who you were meant to be….and that’s legendary.  Now what’s your legacy going to be, what stories will they tell about you when your gone.

This weeks video is brought to us by Your World Within.

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