Motivation Monday – Believe @Panmovie

I decided to things differently this week with the motivational video I chose.  Instead of a normal video I’m gonna want you to watch this movie trailer for an upcoming move called Pan.  It’s the story of how Peter Pan became the legend that he was.  A childhood story of someone becoming who they were meant to be.  The one word that struck me while watching this video was “Believe”.  These days people lack the belief in themselves to concur their fears.  They let their fears control their lives, but what they don’t realize is they actually can beat their fear.  Everyone has the courage in them to accomplish anything.  Doesn’t matter on age, size, male or female, when you shut out your demons, your lack of trust in yourself, the world truly comes alive.  Believe that you are meant to do something extraordinary.  Don’t be afraid to stand up to your fears and show them that you are in control.  Leave your legacy.  Don’t forget to check out the song “I Believe” by Christina Perri.

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