Motivation Monday, Commit

Commitment, hell that’s one scary word.  Why do people fear that word?  It’s because they are scared, scared of the unknown.  Its what we don’t know that scares us.  Whether it be in a relationship, your work or going after your dream.  Not knowing is part of the process.  Don’t stop yourself from going forward by what you don’t know, use it to your advantage.  Use what you already know to show yourself that hell I’ve made it this far, let me push myself a little farther.  It’s not going to happen overnight.  Might take a week, a month or even years, but prove to yourself that you’ve got the guts to face the unknown.  Commit yourself to something you truly care about.  Commitment is just another word for passion, so live your life with passion.  Show the world that you’ve got it, cause you do.

This weeks video is brought to you by RSD Motivation.  Please check them out on YouTube, they have a ton of motivational videos that I promise you will help you get to where you want to be.  Music from the video is from Audiomachine, song is called Helios check it out.

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