Motivation Monday Never Settle

Today, there are to many people who are comfortable where they are at.  They figure they can live life with what they have and are OK with that.  I honestly can’t stand those people.  In my eyes those people are wasting the greatness that they have.  Everyone has greatness in them they just need to believe that they do.  People are to afraid to go after their dream.  They don’t think they have what it takes but trust me you do.  People will make up excuses that it isn’t the right time to do what they want and that is such bullshit.  Whatever you have right now is good enough to start going after you dream and your goals.  Sacrifice just 5 minutes per day to put towards your greatness.  Once you start to realize that there is greatness within you, you will see how much you have been missing out on.  Take a look around you and surround yourself with great people.  Yea you may need to cut out some friends, but believe me when I say this, it isn’t about the quantity of friends but the quality.  Be the great person you were made to be.  Be the beast.  This weeks video is from Beats Reloaded…Never Settle.

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