Motivation Monday Rise and Grind

It’s Monday and its time to stop feeling like you don’t want to get up.  Stop being lazy and get up and look at yourself in the mirror.  Ask yourself, are you at where you should be?  I can guarantee that answer is No.  Don’t be sad or mad at yourself, use the moment to rise.  Use the moment to launch yourself to where you know you should be.  Yea it’s not gonna happen overnight but once you take that first step, I’m telling you things will begin to change.  You just have to keep at it and keep going.  Don’t stop for no one.  Someone tells you that your crazy, tell them yea I am cause I’m doing something you can’t.  I’m going after a dream.  Now get the fuck up and “Rise and Grind”  Check out this amazing video by Beats Reloaded over at YouTube.

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