Motivation Monday – Ten Thousand Hours

Sacrifice is the key to success.  Too many people give up on their dreams and goals because they feel like they aren’t getting anywhere and they spend so much time chasing it but haven’t achieved it yet.  Just because you haven’t gotten to the finish line doesn’t mean your not going to get their.  It doesn’t matter if you are standing up or crawling across the finish line.  Time, be patient, pick yourself up and say that your not going to give up no matter how hard you get knocked down.  You need to sacrifice your time in order to achieve the impossible.  Don’t be afraid to be alone.  When your alone that is when you discover who you really our.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself in situations where you are uncomfortable.  Cut out the bullshit and focus on you and your dream.  Whatever it takes, do it.  This weeks video is from Your World Within.  Don’t be afraid to take the 4 minutes to watch this video, it might just change your life.

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