Motivation Monday – Time For War

Think about it, life is war.  Everyday you have to battle the things that stop you from achieving your goal.  You battle with your demons.  You fight through the pain, the blood, the sweat and tears.  War is not easy to battle through but look back at what you have been through in life.  You have made it this far, God obviously has a purpose for you.  You need to keep fighting on.  I have a tattoo of a Latin quote that I live each day by.  “Si vis pacas para bellum” which means “If you want peace prepare for war”.  To many people say they have to wait for the right moment to go after their dream, and that is just bullshit.  Right now is the perfect time for you to start.  They don’t want to have to battle to get where they want to be, they just want it handed to them.  Show yourself that you got the fire in you to go to war against the odds.  Show the world what you are capable of and the world will be in awe.  Leave your legacy.  Check out this awesome video by Team Fearless.

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