Motivation Monday – Why Do We Fall

I’ve been doing these motivational blogs for awhile now and I’ve decided to post the video that started it all for me.  I was in one of my darkest moments in life when I saw this video by Mateusz M, Why Do We Fall.  In life there are times when we are down on our luck and wonder why they hell God, or who ever you believe in put you there.  It’s not their fault or anyone else’s fault that you are there.  You need to realize that you are the one who needs to pick yourself up.  You got there and you can get your ass out of it.  But what you need to do is the unthinkable, do what you haven’t done before.  Yes its scary as shit but that’s what is gonna push you through it.  Use your fear as fuel to push yourself.  Face your fears and rise.  Fuck what people say if they are putting you down.  Prove them wrong but more importantly prove yourself that you got it.  Show them how great you are.  The pain is temporary but the glory is forever.

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