Motivation Monday

Yep, that’s right, gonna try something here.  Yeah everyone fucken hates Mondays, hell who doesn’t.  Unless your off, I get it then you would like them.  But for many 9-5’ers like myself we despise it.  Waking up on Mondays is worse than waking up for grammar school, I swear.  You don’t want to go, you think about faking an illness, and now that school yard bully has just turned into your boss and instead of stealing your lunch money he is stealing your lunch time by making you work through it…but most of you who are still hung over from an accidental night drinking due to football or that family gathering, will push through the Monday blues and say fuck it, give me a large grande… fuck I dont care that im going to be over paying for it but  just give me a bottle of caffeine.  Funny part is if you’re like myself you might even feel like this even after a relaxing weekend of binge watching Netflix and way too many trips for fast food to admit too.  It only sucks it we allow it to suck.  So say Fuck It to Monday.  (side not Fuck It are the 2 words that can solve anything, just try it, trust me) Listen to some music that gets you pumped about something in your life that you may have coming up.  Look forward to the weekend, you are already at work might as well make the most of it.  Right now I’m listening to some EDM, R3HAB & VIAI with How We Party, perfect song to add to a pre-gaming drinking playlist.  Ya know what try that, make  a Fuck It Monday play list with a bunch of songs that get you in the mood to just get up and dance, who the hell cares anyway its fucken Monday.

You control your emotions, don’t let that bitch known as Monday get you down.  Do something creative, be different, do something that puts you one step closer to your goal.  Not matter what, we gotta deal with Mondays, so we might as well just accept them for who they are as that shitty day that ruins our weekends and just do things that keep us from losing our mind.   Keep checking every Monday for different Motivational blogs from me.


This is the song I was listening to while writing this.  Shout outs to Spinnin Records, R3HAB & VINAI


DJ Steve

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