New Lynch Mob album

The upcoming album of Lynch Mob is called “Rebel”  and will be released august 21. The first single“Automic Fix” was already available on Youtube and now its time for the second release  the single “war”

The “Rebel”  is the eight album of Lynch Mob, of the band led by former Dokken member George Lynch.

“Rebel” track listing:

01. Automatic Fix
02. Between The Truth And A Lie
03. Testify
04. Sanctuary
05. Pine Tree Avenue
06. Jelly Roll
07. Dirty Money
08. The Hollow Queen
09. The Ledge
10. Kingdon Of Slaves
11. War

If you like killer riffs and  awesome guitar solos then this is a real must for your collection.If you have missed the  single Automatic Fix, you can watch it  here. And of course the second release can be watched here.



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