“I wish I was normal” . I said it to a friend with a sigh one day I felt down, sick and unable to function properly. “What is normal? ” he replied. It got me thinking. As complicated as humans are, and how different and complex  personalities , what is normal? My sister said a few days ago she find that whats normal is increasingly limited. When the kids go to school , they have to fit into the system and if you dont, they try to label you.

Why is it that more children get diagnosed with for example ADHD  then before? Are the doctors better at diagnose or does some of the children just not fit the box of what is considered normal? Many dont spend as much time outside as children did 30 year ago, they dont have as much time  between classes to go outside to play, and they dont have as much gymnastics, at least not here in Norway. The pressure to perform and get good grades starts at an earlier age. Couldnt all this  be factors that affect kids?

Whats considered normal in Norway is not the same as in USA, and normal in USA is different then in India. Like when I was readin about high-sensitive people and how in some countries it is considered a gift and is cherised, but a lot of other places, Norway included its seen as something strange and a subject that is not talked about or acknowledged.

Us humans tend to cathegorise things to make it easier to keep track, but sometimes we forget to open up and get to know others on a deeper level. You know how you look at a person and almost instictivly you have made some assumptions about him or her. By the way he or she look, by the clothes, the hairstyle, how they talk, what they are saying.

But that doesnt tell us anything does it?  It doesnt tell us if that person is nice, generous, loving, caring, active in sports or what music he/she likes.

I read on facebook today : No one is normal, there are just a lot of weird people with things in common.



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