Queensryche/Operation Mindcrime.. lets forget the past

If you are a Queensryche fan as long as me You seen and heard the change in the music Queensryche made over the years. They went  from metal to grunge. From Orchestral and classical concept albums to experimental rock. Even some sidesteps to pop-rock.  For me each album was a surprise and kept me as a fan curious. They didn’t repeat themselves.

So when the big fight started which ended in the leaving of Geoff Tate and almost a court date about who could have the name Queensryche. And then the fans started this hate campaign. You had to pick sides. Which is just stupid. What happened, happened and I think its a good thing what happened. Queensryche went on to be Queensryche and grew into a monster. Even after all these years they stay the best. The last album Condition Human is my personal #1 of 2015 I’m not going to write a review, as those are written enough. Just believe me and listen to the album yourself.

Geoff Tate released his Operation Mindcrime: The Key, And whit this album he did what he does best, Making his own music. For me its a follow up for Dedicated to Chaos.

But that’s not why I’m writing this. I’ve seen the interview Todd had with Blabbermouth and thats why I think you should read that too. Its all about the hate   which is spread all over the internet against either Geoff Tate or Todd .

I think if you read this interview you can only respect him and have to agree. These two bands will always be connected and compared. But its time to move on and see these 2 bands as individual bands and not as two Queensryche clones.

I want to thank Todd for sharing  his thoughts on this. And if you want to read the whole interview then  go to: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/queensryches-todd-la-torre-wants-fans-to-exercise-more-compassion/

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