Restoring Faith in Humanity One Town at a Time

With all the bad news you hear about these days its a little disheartening.  You never hear about anything good happening or if it is reported its buried or only talked about for a few seconds.  Well I’m here to challenge the top main news organizations such as Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS to do some real reporting.  Instead of inflicting fear onto the population how about you report some good news.  That’s right you don’t care about the that.  All they care about is ratings.   Well at Slammin Tunes we could give to shits about that.  We’re not hear to make money, just have some fun rock out to some kick ass music and spread some good news.  A now for some real people who make a real difference not like those low life’s called the Kardashians.  A town in Turkey came together to show their love and support for a local deaf resident.  I don’t want to give to much away so check out this video.  And to the media outlets Bring IT.

Thank you to Samsung for helping support this great cause.

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