Riding a board

Last year I tried to pick up a new hobby – longboarding. If you don’t know what that is – its basically like riding a skateboard but the longboard has bigger wheels and longer board so it can ride on the street and on roughish terrain. Long story short – I crashed and busted my knee from which I’m still recovering. I know what you are going to say – way to bring down the house George! Well let me tell you why I’m telling you this. I used to watch all these awesome scateboarders or longboarders do insane stuff on their boards and I wanted to at least learn how to ride one. So here are some of the videos I watched. Enjoy.

First up I’ve got a skater who does insane tricks on his board. Richie Jakson!


And up next – Ana Maria Suzano doing some pretty cool tricks on a longboard. This kind of stuff blows my brain. I managed to learn how to ride it on flat surfaces (even though thats where I crashed) but this I cant even imagine my self doing.



I mean really. This is just not fair. I can barely stay upright on this bloody thing and she is basically prancing on it… Good for her though. That takes a lot of skill (and probably a lot of crashes) to master.


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