SEREBRO Brings Trump To Their Hit “My Money” @SerebroOfficial

When a musical group can just absolutely destroy Donald Trump with a music video I have to share.  What makes it even greater is that it’s a Russian group.  I’m talking about SEREBRO.  Their recent music video for My Money is not just a great song to blow out the speakers to but a hilarious music video with so many undertones regarding “President” Trump you have to watch it.  From the singers, one brunette (Melania Trump) and two blondes (Donald Trump’s daughters) and them saying they just want “My Money”, they demonstrate exactly what these women are about.  Just listen to the lyrics “On the base of golden cup”…are we talking about a cup you drink from or are we talking about how Trump gets that golden shine from (cough Golden Shower cough).  Hell there is even a special appearance from the Don at the end.  All joking aside this is a great song to get pumped up to.  Let me know what you think.

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