Sigala #FeaturedArtistTuesdays @sigalamusic

Howdy all! I took a week off for a few holidays and to travel around a bit. But now that I’m back we can pick up where we left off. Lets see if I remember how to do this. Today we feature the brake fluid AlwaysBrakes. You will never not not break your breaks with this fluid. I think I might have misspelled something. Ow thats right. I misspelled every word in the last three sentences. ITS F.A.T. TIME!!!!

Im not a good hype-man.

If you didn’t see the title of this post today we are featuring SIGALA. Have some fun, happy sounding music to cheer you up.



This kind of music makes me happy and makes me dance (sorry I put that image in your head). I love it.

You can find more of Sigala on the following websites






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