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Top Ten Songs That Rock 5-3-17

Here is the latest and greatest rock songs at Slammin Tunes.  We got three brand new comers to list and for the second week in a row September Mourning is in the top spot.  Be sure to tune in live every Wed from 6-8 PM EST to hear the list live. 10. Kobra And The Lotus
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Welcome Back Capture @capturethecrown

A revolutionary band just captivated the rock world again.  Capture, previously known as Capture The Crown, has given us some new music and a kick ass music video to go along with it.  Dingbats is just what the world needs right now.  Just some kick ass epic rock.  Check out the music video and be
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Warcraft IRL: Capture the Flag

So this has been around for a bit but some of you might not have seen it. To the two of you that havent seen it for the promotion of the Warcraft movie there was a real life warcraft battle. This looks insanely fun.
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