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The Symphony of Violence #JohnWick

To end the destruction theme weekend on the right foot, nothing better then John Wick kicking ass and not taking names.  If you haven't seen the movie John Wick, I highly recommend it.  A great story, unbelievable action and of course guns galore. I believe his kill count for the movie is around 70.  Anyway next
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Will It Blend @Blendtec

Going along with yesterdays blog about the Hydraulic Press Channel, I figured why not keep going with the destructive theme.  Today I highlight not just a channel the let's us know if something will be destroyed in a blender, but a channel that provides us with some really delicious recipes.  That is of course the
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F*ck Yeah Friday, Hydraulic Press Channel

Who doesn't like to watch stuff get crushed and possibly blown up.  I don't know of a better way to kick of the weekend then by watching shit get destroyed.   This channel started with a simple idea and has blown up themselves into a massive channel.  Of course I'm talking about the Hydraulic Press Channel.  
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