Tank White, Paterson’s Rising Star

Coming out of Paterson, NJ, Tank White is a name I promise you will be hearing about a lot more of in the near future.  I have had the pleasure of meeting this young man and the heart that he has for his music is untouchable.  I’m always asking what’s he got going on and almost every time it’s “gonna be in the studio”.  This man is the definition of dedication.  With his songs The Struggle and OG Kush & Purp off his breakout mix tape Sleep Is For The Rich, you will understand why he is the one to watch.  At Slammin Tunes we are all about highlighting new artist.  Tank White, we salute you.  He will be performing this Friday January 9th at Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia, PA. 21 + Up and doors open at 9PM.  Check out Tank White Ft. Bless America x Pure Bandana with the hit song The Struggle below.

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