The DNA Journey

Do you know your roots? Remember your answer, watch this and see how your answer might change.


Who are you? These volunteers take part in this DNA journey to answer this question. They learn their roots and the results are extremely moving. This video will have you asking yourself this same question, while wondering where your roots really do lie.

Momondo, a global travel search engine, has put together this campaign which is motivating everyone to embrace different cultures and get to know different customs. If everyone knew their true heritage, then all of this violence and extreme hate would diminish greatly.

It’s pretty amazing to discover, through DNA, just who exactly you are and where your heritage actually lies. You likely will be very surprised who your relatives really are!



I for one can’t with 100{43bbf0c0dfd186f2e4a1535ec8ec993b0839b913588ccf773f39f505c31eaa0e} certainty say “I’m Bulgarian”. What about you? Has this video changed your view on your heritage? Share with us in the comments below.

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