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So I’ll start off with asking – do you have 15 minutes? If you said yes then watch this short movie. If you said no then still watch this movie. My thougths after the jump


from Ariel Martin (his Vimeo page)




My thoughts on the movie… Also some spoilers ahead so beware.

So. I think as with all technology its not the technology that is evil/causing problems its mostly how people use it.

Like the smartphone for instance. I hate it when I’m talking to someone and they pull out their phone because of some Pavlovian response ( to the beep it makes. However it’s insanely convinient for having a map, listening to music etc. Same with the iMom. Having a robot house maid would be awesome (we all hate chores). A mom bot? Nooooo thank you. Kids these days are brats as it is because of lack of effort on the parents’ part (some parents not all). Imagine if the parents werent there at all…

Now on to the big scene at the end. I’m split on it. On one side it’s scary as f****, but on the other I think we aren’t that stupid as to not have builtin safeties for such a case. I think we as a society (like the whole planet) have grown that little bit more paranoid. Some more than others. So this problem wont occur in reality (let alone the 4-th version of the model).


So what are your thoughts on the movie? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Did you watch it even? Give us Your answer in the comments below.

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