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New Hard Rock Magazines best top 25 songs review of “The Siren” from the new band Thirteen is as followed.

” Imagine constructing a Frankenstein monster with the body parts of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Guns n’ Roses then feed it steroids and you would have the sound of this band.  The vocals and lyrics are incredible and the guitar riffs and solos kill.  2015 has seen a need for hard rock bands that echo the likes of Black Sabbath & Guns n’ Roses to show rock fans that rock n roll is not dead these guys bring it.  As soon as you hear one of Thirteen’s songs you get pulled in by Black Sabbath like guitar riffs guitar solos reminesent to Slash or Zakk Wylde.  The vocals…..OMG the vocals have a flavor of Chris Cornell meets Ozzy Osbourne with that edgy sludge vibe. Your body rattles to the bass playing that can only match the likes of Geezer Butler or Alice n Chain’s Mike Inez.  Last but definitely not least is the drum playing that gives you the feeling you had when you first heard Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher or Pantera’s Vinnie Paul play Cowboys From Hell.   The band is a total game changer for a true rock fan.  Listen to Thirteen – iTunes“”

Personally I  agree Thirteen has found the balance between old school hard rock and the newer rock of this age, bands as Hinder or Art Of Anarchy.  Siren has a groove in it which makes you dance in your chair. The bass and drum are one as a rhythm section should be. The guitar riffs are catchy and the background vocals are  just perfect blending in with the lead vocals. The two voices of Rudiger and Savannah are  a perfect match( which you also can hear on the song Ï let go”

I have to admit Thirteen is a band which keeps amazing me. Even after playing there debut album several times I keep hearing new things,The cd ehm in this case mp3 is on repeat. So be amazed like I was and  the New Hard Rock Magazine was and still is. And listen to the album. which title is”volume 1″



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