Throwback Thursday – Ill Nino @officialillnino

During my high school years was when rock began to change.  New bands where changing the scope of the genre.  With bands coming out with their own sounds, new sub genres were created and one of those genres was Latin Metal.  One of the most epic bands to come out during that time was Ill Nino.  A band that has become legends with their iconic sound.  Once you hear them you know you are listening to something truly amazing.  I was going through some of my old shows and stumbled upon one of my favorites from them.  That is This Time Is For Real.  A song that I remember listening to to help with those tough days.  A song that showed me that no matter what life throws at you, you fight back with everything you got.  This week Ill Nino is our Throwback Thursday group of the week.  Enjoy and CRANK IT UP!!!

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