Throwback Thursday – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones @mmbosstones

Let’s take it back to a great time in rock music, the 90’s  A time when bands like Third Eye Blind and Marcy Playground where bringing the noise.  But there was a band making sounds waves of their own.  That is of course The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  This was around the time when my love for rock began to flourish.  This song has it all.  Great rhythm, awesome lyrics.  It truly represents everything of the 90’s and what a real 90’s band was all about.  You would have no idea this song is 20 years old…it is timeless.  These guys have laid out a legendary path that many bands would love to follow but few can replicate.  This week The Mighty Mighty Bosstones hit single The Impression That I Get is the Throwback Thursday song.   Now CRANK IT UP!!!

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