Amaranthe Will Bring You To Another World @Amaranthemetal

The world of metal has been transformed by this band, Amaranthe.  They have made a name for themselves across the globe for their unique style.  They have 3 lead singers.  Henrik Englund Wilhemsson, Jake E. Lundberg and and the beautiful Elize Ryd lend their amazing vocals to what is one of the best current metal bands.  Their unbelievable song styles highlight each of their vocalists ranges.  They will transport your mind to places you never thought existed.  One song in particular combines them together to form an EPIC ballad that no songs can compare to.  One of their latest songs, True is a “truly” inspirational song.  One that will stand the test of time.  When you might feel like the world is crushing you and you don’t feel like you’ll make it, that’s when things begin to happen.  If you ever give up or lose hope, don’t.  Chase your dream just like Amaranthe did and be legendary.

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