Would You Ever Stand On The Rim Of A Volcano? @funforlouis

We are truly lucky to be able to call this planet our home.  We also don’t realize how beautiful and deadly she can be.  Only some of us are lucky and our able to travel to truly unreal destinations.  Places you would only be able to see on the Discovery Channel or in a National Geographic Magazine.  Luckily there is a man who shares his epic journeys with the whole world to see.  His name is Louis Cole and his YouTube channel, which you have to subscribe to, takes you along for a ride in his stunning adventures.  In one of his most recent videos he takes you to a place where men and women have died to study, the rim of an active volcano.  My adrenaline was pumping just watching this video.  Pushing yourself to the limits of your fear allows you to really live life and Louis is living it.  Check out the video below.

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