F*ck Yeah Friday @SteveHofstetter

It’s the first Friday of the new year and what better way to kick it off with some balls to the walls comedy from one of my favorite comedians out there, Steve Hofstetter.  This truly mentally talented comedian is one to not mess around with.  First his YouTube channel is one you need to subscribe to.  Second, he by far is one of the best comedians to not just own hecklers with his mind bending comebacks but to make them look like little bitches in the process and he does it with class.  Besides us having the same name and both being Mets fan what’s not to love about him.  You will die with laughter after watching this guy.  Check out a clip of what’s in store for you at his YouTube channel.  Don’t forget to show some love for him and be sure to catch him on his upcoming tour.

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