First Class Upgrade on Emirates Airline

If you are a fellow YouTuber like myself you may have heard of Casey Neistat.  His Vlog is one of the originals on YouTube and is one you will want to subscribe to.  His most recent post has been blowing up and I just had to share with you guys.  Now if you a blue collar guy like myself you know times aren’t the best but we make due with what we got, we survive.  Maybe even splurge a little on something extra.  Here is a question for you.  What would you do with $21,000?  Buy a car, go a little vacation, maybe invest.  Why not take a first class trip from Dubai to NYC on Emirates Airlines.  That’s how much it cost $21,000…DAMMMM.  Well I’ll let Casey show you the amenities you will get on this flight in the video below.

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