The Hacksmith is a True Dream Chaser @the_hacksmith

Awhile back I discovered a YouTube channel called the Hacksmith, where they bring movie contraptions that seem unrealistic to life.  From Batman’s grappling hook to Captain America’s shield, the items we wish we could have, come to life on this channel.  Nothing is impossible with this crew.  What started out as something fun has morphed into something truly amazing.  They make dreams become a reality.  A reason why I wanted to highlight them is because of one of their latest videos, where they go into detail about how they actually make money on YouTube.  They get detailed and personal.  They show how much of their heart and passion has gone into something great, and it sure as hell ain’t easy.  This is one channel that you will defiantly want to add to your subscriptions.  Be sure to share this and tell everyone you can.  These guys have a bright future, I guarantee it.  Here is a video of them that is truly inspiring.

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