Have You Heard Of Hands Like Houses??? @handslikehouses @riserecords

At Slammin Tunes we are all about bringing you the best upcoming artists not just from the US but from all over the globe.  We absolutely love the Indie genre because lets face it, that is where the future of music is.  Now these guys aren’t Indie, they are more there own sound.  This rock band from down under has been around since 2008 and boy have they been leaving their mark on the industry.  The are the definition of dream chasers.  They set out on journey on which lead them to where they are now, and that is touring with Crown The Empire and Of Mice and Men.  Their most recent album Dissonants was released early this year and has been a huge success.  With their hit song Colourblind, they are just beginning to cement themselves as one of the most kick ass rock bands in the world.  Keep your eye on them, they have an incredible future ahead of them.  Make sure to keep listening for them on Slammin Tunes, especially during my rock block every Wed 6-8 PM EST.

I also have to give a special Thank You to Rise Records who Hands like Houses is signed to.  Rise Records has possibly some of the most influential bands on their label.  I urge you to subscribe to their YouTube channel, you won’t be disappointed.

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